Nirvana Tours was founded by the husband-wife team of Tarini Ma and Ram Das Batchelder, and runs side-by-side with their Spanish-language tour business, Nirvana Viajes a India, which has been creating happy customers since 2009.

Tarini Ma Batchelder has been living in India since 1999. She is the founder of Nirvana, a multi-faceted spiritual project which includes Nirvana Tours to India, a shop of Indian clothing in Venezuela, and an online shop in the US.  She designs her own line of clothing and jewelry, which are produced by talented artisans in India. She speaks excellent English and is a skilled tour organizer, translator and businesswoman. Tarini Ma is a laughter Yoga teacher and offer classes during her guided tours as well as around the world. She is a devotee of Amma, the “hugging Saint,” and has been married to Ram Das Batchelder since 2002.

Tarini Ma Dagnino

An American by birth, Ram Das Batchelder has lived in India since 1989, and is the author of six books about Hinduism and spirituality, including the highly acclaimed new book, “Rising in Love.”


He has given more than 100 workshops on spiritual topics in various places around the world, in both English and Spanish. A life-long meditator, he has met numerous Saints and spiritual Masters, and has lived for 17 years in the ashram of Amma, the world-famous “hugging Saint.” Together with Tarini Ma, he co-taught a university course in Hinduism in Venezuela in 2012, writing the classes himself. Two more books are in process.

Ram Das Batchelder

Kristen “Omkari”



Is a spiritual teacher who offers transformational, healing and awakening experience through the "Vedanta of the West" known of as A Course in Miracles. She is also a certified yoga instructor, a licensed massage therapist, a minister, and a great lover of the Indian culture. She received her Yoga Alliance certification in 2010 at the Sivananda Ashram and Yoga Retreat, in Paradise Island, Bahamas and recently continued her education in yoga and meditation in India for six weeks, including a course in Thai yoga massage. Kristen will be leading yoga classes during the tour, and will be assisting you with whatever you might need on your journey. She will also be available to give massages to members of the tour group.



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