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The Source of the Ganges,

the holiest river in the world

15 Days

This is a gorgeous pilgrimage through the high Himalayan mountains to reach the sacred source of the Ganges, the most revered holy river in India.


May/ September/October


15 days

Point of arrival:

Nueva Delhi.

Point of departure:

Nueva Delhi.


Day 1: Your arrival in the New Delhi International Airport.

Transport to your hotel for dinner and sleep.

Night in our hotel.


Day 2: Delhi.

We have the full day to tour New Delhi, India’s capital city.  Among possible destinations: the Lotus Temple, the Akshardham Temple Complex (the largest Hindu temple in the world), the famed India Gate, the largest mosque in India (the Jama Masjid), the Red Fort, and the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi in Raj Ghat. We will also stroll a bit through some market areas and the narrow lanes of the Old City, and enjoy the unique energy of this bustling and fascinating place. As night falls we will board an overnight train to Haridwar.

Night in our hotel.


Day 3: Delhi – Haridwar.

We arrive in the morning in Haridwar, “the Portal of the Gods”, an important Hindu pilgrimage center. Haridwar is one of four tirthas, the holy places where every 12 years the Kumbha Mela is celebrated, one of the most important religious festivals in the world. We will visit some of the most famous temples and ashrams there, including the samadhi shrine of Anandamayi Ma, one of the greatest saints of the last century. We will also attend the evening arati ceremony on the banks of the Ganges in Hari ki Pari. Unforgettable!

Night in our hotel.


Day 4: Haridwar – Uttarkashi.

Today we head out towards Uttarkashi, the main town in the region of Garhwal in the Bhagirathi Valley.

Night in our hotel.


Day 5: Uttarkashi – Gangotri.

This morning we leave for Gangotri, one of the most sacred locations in India, which will be our point of departure for trekking into the high mountains. Here we will find the temple dedicated to the Goddess Ganga, who is worshipped as the holy river Ganges. And we will visit several other small temple and ashrams in the surrounding area.

Night in our hotel.


Day 6: Gangotri – Bhujbassa. (5/6 hour trek)

This morning we’ll begin our trek towards the source of the Ganges, and turn our steps towards  Bhujbassa (3.875m), a tranquil hike following in the footsteps of countless pilgrims through the ages, and which offers us excellent views of the surrounding mountains.

Night in tents.


Day 7: Bhujbassa – Gaumukh – Tapovan (5/6 hour trek)

Today we will walk toward Gaumukh (3,890m), the famed source of the River Ganges, where we will find sadhus and pilgrims bathing in the icy waters the flow from the glacial heights. We will cross the glacier to reach the meadows of Tapovan (4,350m). From here we’ll have views of Shivaling (6,543m), the mythical Mount Meru (6,660m) y various peaks of more than 6,000 meters in height.

Night in tents.


Day 8: Tapovan.

Today we’ll enjoy crossing this beautiful prarie, where many sadhus meditate in hidden caves.

Night in tents.


Day 9: Tapovan – Chirbassa. (4/5 hour trek).

Today we’ll descend by the same path towards Chirbassa.

Night in tents.


Day 10: Chirbassa – Gangotri. (3 hour trek).

Return hike to Gangotri. The rest of the day will be free. People can rest, take photos, or see the various sites in the town.

Night in our hotel.


Day 11: Gangotri – Risikesh.

Today we’ll head out by car for Rishikesh, a beautiful place of saints, ashrams and yoga schools on the banks of the Ganges. We can take a swim in the pristine Ganges and visit the Vasishta Gufa, a cave where the ancient Sage Vasistha lived in ages past, and where a great yogi attained Enlightenment in the 20th century. Swami Ramdas, the saint from Kerala, had a vision of Jesus in this cave.

Night in our hotel.


Day 12: Risikesh.

Today we can visit some of the great ashrams in Rishikesh, including those of Swami Shivananda and Sri Hans Maharaj, and also attend the evening arati ceremony at the popular Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

Night in our hotel.


Day 13: Rishikesh – Haridwar – Delhi.

After seeing a few more sites in Rishikesh, in the afternoon we’ll drive from Rishikesh to Haridwar, and then take the even train from Haridwar to Delhi.

Night in our hotel.


Day 14: Delhi.

Morning siteseeing. Farewell dinner. At the appropriate hour we will accompany you to the New Delhi International Airport to catch your departing flight home.





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