We have fond memories of our perfectly organized trip to India with Tarini Ma and Nirvana Tours to India last November.

We were met at every destination and securely taken to our hotel, the sights, transportation portals. The hotels were well chosen and the food was always out of this world delicious!

We are still talking about the trip. In fact we are showing our photos to some friends this evening.

Love you Tarini Ma and Ram Das, thank you or everything!


~ Cherry & David Haymes

Texas, U.S.A

We have known Tarini Ma and Ram Das of Nirvana tours to India for many years. They have vast experience in India having lived there themselves for years. Two years ago they planned a simple trip to Varanasi for us and this year a more complex trip for us and our two grown daughters. In both cases the trips were custom made just for us and were wonderful. Very well planned tours with great guides and drivers. They handled all transportation including air tickets, hotels & pick up and delivery to airports. We highly recommend them for their group tours and for specialty trips like ours.


~ Bob & Joy Richardson

North Carolina, U.S.A

The Kerala tour was extraordinary!! Loved the spiritual classes with Ram Das. Enjoyed witnessing Tarini Ma's skills in communicating in "Indian English" -- with a little Malayalam and Hindi thrown in. :You guys are not just great guides with a wealth of knowledge about India, but also so very generous with your time and attention. AND you do everything with such love! Look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you for a beautiful and inspiring experience.

~ Catherine de Plour

Colorado, U.S.A

“I give Nirvana Tours my very highest rating. My time in India with them was a life-changer, truly a wonderful and profound experience. They took great care of everyone in the group each step of the way, and due to their many years in India they were able to share with us very special aspects of India. I was really surprised by the high quality of the hotels we stayed in; this made the challenges of being India much easier for me to handle. The spiritual classes given by Ram Das were a special part of the tour for me; they helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the Indian culture and new understandings which have stayed with me after my return to America. In addition to the beautiful places we saw, the Nirvana Team also took us to a school for underprivileged children, where we participated in giving the kids special gifts, and we also helped feed poor sadhus in Rishikesh. This made me feel like I wasn’t just a tourist, but a benefactor of the beautiful people of India. This was a great gift for me. I feel blessed to have traveled with Nirvana Tours, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience in India. ”

~ Iris Martinez

Miami, Florida

“I came to India with Nirvana Tours for the first time in November, 2011. It was a very special trip! Tarini Ma arranged a party for me at the sacred river Ganges in Haridwar to celebrate my 37th birthday. I felt such a strong connection to India, and I knew that I wanted to come back. After many changes in my life, in 2014 I returned, this time for my wedding. My fiancée was from Spain and he had never been in India before. He had no idea what he was signing up for, but through that tour he fell in love with India. As per my request, Tarini Ma arranged a special wedding ritual by the Ganges, and it was one of the highlights not only of the tour but of my entire life.

I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude to Tarini Ma and Ram Das for their amazing services. They are both wonderful guides, teachers and friends, and they arranged everything for us so beautifully. I recommend Nirvana Tours to everyone. They have the highest professional standards, and care deeply about the comfort of their customers. They know India like the backs of their hands, and can take you to places no other tour company knows about. They have a depth of compassion, caring and spiritual wisdom you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Highly recommended!”


~ Marianna di Ferdinando


“I came with Nirvana Tours in November, 2012 for a 21-day tour of North and South India, and it completely changed my life. I immediately felt such a deep connection with India, and also with Tarini Ma, the founder of Nirvana. In fact, she has become my best friend; she’s like my sister now. Her husband, Ram Das, is also very dear to me – these are wonderful people! I enjoyed everything we saw in India, but the highlight of that tour for me was definitely meeting Amma, the hugging Saint, in Kerala. In Amma I have found my Divine Mother, my Guru and guide for every aspect of my life. How can one speak of such a treasure? My attraction to Amma was so strong that I knew I had to return to see her again. So, in the following year, through special arrangements made by Nirvana Tours I made it to India for the second time, and visited Delhi and Bangalore, plus several weeks with Amma. As always, Nirvana Tours took care of my arrangements beautifully. I have been so blessed by my connection with Amma that I am now leading monthly Amma satsang meetings in Venezuela.

All I can say is, Nirvana Tours is a wonderful company. These people are the best! I recommend their services to anyone and everyone.”

~ Clara Pérez

Caracas, Venezuela

"Even though I had some idea of what the tour might be like, the truth is that it completely surpassed my expectations. I learned an incredible amount, not just about India but about life itself. It was incredible to be able to receive guidance and teachings from living Saints, and the amazing experiences we had in ashram and temples, and to feel the deep faith inherent in the Indian culture, all of this awakened in me a huge devotion I had no idea was in me. Ram Das’ classes were incredible, opening up new vistas and revealing profound truths that touched me deep within. They made the difference between an ordinary tour and an entrance into the sacred essence of India. Thank you!  While traveling with Tarini Ma and Ram Das I always felt completely safe and comfortable throughout the entire journey. They know India like the palms of their hands, and guided us beautifully in each moment. They took great care to get to know everyone in the group, provide for any need we had and arrange for every little detail. For me this tour was an amazing life experience and time of personal growth. I’m sure that won’t be my last visit to India! When I come again, it will definitely be with Nirvana Tours. These people are great!”

~ Lorena Sánchez Marckovich

Barcelona, Spain

"“I can only describe my journey to India with Nirvana Tours in two words: excellent and transformative. This experience in India gave me a new birth, and helped me see the world with new eyes. This would not have been possible without the wonderful guidance and company of Tarini Ma and her husband Ram Das!! They will always be in my heart. Thanks to them, I received the opportunity to open to a new step in my life, where my spirit has found great peace. I really cannot thank them enough! The attention and care they gave during the tour was indescribable. I can’t stop recommending their tours to my friends, because I’d love for everyone to have the same experience I did! For me it was a gift of God.”

~ Tammy López

Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

“Tarini Ma and Ram Das are amazing guides, and truly wonderful human beings, both of them. They did a fantastic job of planning and guiding the tour. Considering the low cost, I was very surprised at the high quality of the hotels we stayed in – we were treated like kings and queens! I’ve never eaten so well in my life! The most amazing was the spiritual treasures we encountered, the living Saints we met, the holy ashrams and the spiritual truths shared in Ram Das’ classes. This was something really special.  India itself is an incredible place. Just to be there was a powerful life experience. It’s a country of amazing contrasts: there is lots of poverty but also much beauty. Everywhere we found warm people who smile from the heart. It was an amazing experience just to be there…You only have to open your heart to experience the profound greatness of the ancient Indian culture. Tarini Ma is an incredible guide who has explored everything in the country, or so it seemed. She has such a sweet sense of humor, it’s just impossible not to love her. I give “Nirvana Tours” my highest 5-star recommendation!”

~ Josefa Castellanos

Valencia, Venezuela

“My experience of having Ram Das and Tarini Ma as tour guides was to feel that I was completely safe, and always in the best of hands. They are both remarkable individuals, very wise and mature, highly competent in their work, and yet relaxed and fun to be with. They know India very well and are deeply familiar with Indian culture. More importantly, their spiritual connection is genuine and truly contagious. Their faith, devotion and knowledge were a huge help as we made the journey from one spiritual center to another. Ram Das’ classes were a joy and an inspiration. All in all, the journey was fantastic: fun, pleasurable, very interesting and surprisingly mind expanding! More than anything it was an inner journey, bringing profound personal reflections about the nature of our existence and what life is really all about. I highly recommend “Nirvana Tours” to any travelers who wish to embark on a rare spiritual adventure into the diverse culture and mysticism of India!”

~ Marysol Carrero Necker

Caracas, Venezuela

“As an established yoga teacher with a fairly large group of students wanting to see travel in India, I can only say I struck gold with Ram Das and Tarini Ma and NIRVANA TOURS. Our 10-day tour was beautifully planned and went flawlessly. Our days were filled to the brim with unexpected spiritual gems, living Saints and some extraordinary classes about Hindu philosophy. The quality of the hotels was beyond anything we had dreamt of, considering the low tour price. All I can tell you is, there are NOT ordinary tour guides. They will take you into the spiritual heart of India like no one else can. I give them my highest recommendation.”

~ Orlando Jiménez

Caracas, Venezuela



Incredible destination all year round!

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