Nirvana Tours to India works with a number of different hotel categories. For the most part we prefer to utilize 4-star hotels in our tours. These provide a high quality of luxury and cleanliness at an affordable price. But to suit your preference and budget, here are the categories available; the lower the number of stars, the lower the price:


• “Heritage hotels.” These provide a truly unique hotel experience. They are restored palaces or forts, or antique houses, that have been rebuilt and adapted for hotel use. Very special!


• 6-star hotels. These have amazing locations and views, and the finest luxury available in the rooms and public areas. These hotels have the highest quality multi-cuisine restaurants and superb amenities, including a pool and gym.


• 5-star hotels. These have great luxury and choices of different cuisines, plus pool and gym.


• 4-star hotels. As mentioned above, these provide a high quality of luxury and cleanliness at an affordable price. They have a pool and a high quality restaurant.


• 3-star hotels. These are more modest and belong to the budget category. We can ensure you that they are clean. We usually prefer not to utilize them for our personally-guided tours, as sometimes 3-star hotels are beneath our quality expectations. But if requested by the traveler we can utilize them. They are fine for those who prefer to travel on a low budget.


The category of hotel you wish to stay in is your choice. We personally check every hotel we recommend, so you can be sure the quality will be acceptable.



Incredible destination all year round!

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